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Capilano College

The Capilano College is located in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is a post-secondary institution which offers different degree courses. It was founded by the school board and residents of North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Howe Sound area through a referendum in the year 1968. The Capilano College has three campuses. The main campus is situated on Greater Vancouverís North Shore and most of the courses are conducted here. It offers bachelorís degree, associate degrees, post-graduate diplomas, citations, certificates and statements of completion. The Capilano College aims to enable the success of students in their respective fields and effectively contribute to the rapidly changing global community.

Aspects and Background

The Capilano College IDEA Program is a three-year full time course which offers students the skills and knowledge to master illustration and graphic design. The IDEA program explores the various elements and applications of illustration and design that are required in the field of visual media. The Capilano College IDEA Program was earlier known as the Graphic Design and Illustration Program. In the year 2001, after a year of restructuring the IDEA program evolved. The inaugural class had 22 graduates.

The Capilano College IDEA Program places a great emphasis on hands-on experience with expert guidance from professional instructors who are best in the industry. Most of the courses feature applied projects, tours, labs, demonstrations, critiques and presentations by external professionals. The IDEA program is very intense and requires lots of hard work. The Capilano College IDEA Program uses the Apple Macintosh platform, for both hardware and software. This computer may be bought by the student after the completion of the course at a very nominal price.
Career Prospective

After completing the Capilano College IDEA Program the career opportunities which are available to the students include graphic design, publishing, web site production, packaging design, illustration, fine art, exhibition design, environmental design, advertising, book and editorial designing and corporate communications. There are two programs under the Capilano College IDEA Program which are Foundations in Illustration and Design and Advertising. Both of these programs are Creative Intensives Summer Program.

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