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China Academy of Art

The China Academy of Art was established in 1928 as the highest university of art by the government of Republic of China. The China Academy of Art is known as Guomei in Chinese.

Courses and Degrees

The academy offers a complete range of degrees and programs related to fine arts studies. The China Academy of Art has eight schools under its jurisdiction. They offer PhD Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in various streams. The academy has four campuses with 7000 undergraduate and graduate students under a faculty and staff of 800. The undergraduates spend on year taking general education classes in the Department of Foundation. After the first year they spend three years in the core courses of their chosen majors. Graduate courses are generally three years long. The graduate course includes general studio experience and research with faculty members as mentors. Foreign students have the option of short term or long term courses in Chinese art, language and culture. These courses can be availed of in the Institute of International Education.

History of the China Academy of Art:
The China academy of Art was started in 1928 as the first comprehensive art academy in China. It was started by the National Academy of Art in Hangzhou by Cai Yuanpei an eminent educator and Mr. Lin Fengmian. The basis of teaching at the China Academy of Art is to integrate eastern and western arts and create contemporary arts as well as develop Chinese culture. The China Academy of Art has changed its name six times over the years. It started with National Academy of Art (1928) as its name. From there the name changed to Hangzhou National College of Art (1929) to National College of Art (1938), on to East-China Campus of Central Academy of Fine Arts (1950) to Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (1958) and finally to China Academy of Art (1993).
Campuses at the China Academy of Art:
The academy was founded on the banks of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Since then the location of the academy has been changed six times till the present addresses were decided upon. The Nanshan campus housing the administrative department has its headquarters on the West Lake bank in Hangzhou. The regional campuses are the Xiangshan Campus, the Binjiang Campus and the Zhangjiang Campus in Shanghai. The Xiangshan campus is slated to become the main campus in 2008.
Departments in China Academy of Art:

The various departments in the China Academy of Art are Fine Arts, Design, Architectural Art, Visual Art and Media and Animation.

The motto of the China Academy of art is “diversity in harmony”. By the eleventh five year plan of the college the student population is expected to grow to 6,600 along with a graduate body of 800 which will make the China Academy of Art one of the largest fine arts institutions of the world.

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