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Chugye University for the Arts

The Chugye University for the Arts is located in South Korea and is a premier institution of fine arts. The campus is situated in Seodaemun-gu in central Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. It was established in the year 1973 under the Chugye School Foundation by the late Mme, Whang Shin-Duk. Then in March 1974, the college was opened officially with a total enrollment of 200 students.

Initially courses on Korean music, voice, instruments, Korean painting and western painting was offered. Then slowly the institution started spreading out in the following years and more courses were introduced. On the threshold of the 21st century, Chugye University for the Arts has established a Graduate School of Art Management, which provides master degrees on arts management as well as on planning and research of the culture.

The Chugye University for the Arts offers courses in traditional Korean music, voice, piano, orchestral instruments, composition, Korean painting, western painting, printmaking, creative writing and fine arts. There are separate departments for each of these courses which provide adequate training to students. All the courses include various performances, recordings and workshops.
The Chugye University for the Arts aims to attain a balance of education based on the three main educational principles of the college—sincerity, creativity and idealization. The Chugye University for the Arts seeks to create few talented elite people of art with good professional knowledge and a deeper understanding of highly cultured life. The students here are not only taught about art, but also philosophy and human nature. The University firmly believes that this help the students to gain a greater understanding of art and express their creative thoughts through arts.
Special Features

The Chugye University for the Arts has recently launched many grand projects such as constructing a state-of-the –art integrated information management system named CHIMS. The Vision ChuGye 21 project ensures the bright future of students with the best infrastructure in both hardware and software.

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