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Corcoran School of Art

Corcoran School of Art is located in Washington D.C. and is a renowned institution of art and design. It offers graduate and postgraduate courses. The Corcoran School of Art provides the opportunity to those students who have the ability to create their own path of self-expression and exploration.


The construction of the main building of Corcoran School of Art started in the year 1889 with the initiative of Mr. Corcoran. The school was officially opened in the year 1890 with just two instructors and forty students. By the early 20th century the school expanded with a rapid speed with special programs like summer camps, scholarship support, commercial art courses and a library being introduced for students. The Corcoran School of Art received full accreditation status in the year 1980. In the year 1999, the school changed its name to the Corcoran School of Art and Design and is presently Washington’s only four-year accredited art institution.

Courses Offered:
The college offers fine arts, fine art photography, photo journalism, digital media design and graphic design courses at the undergraduate level. For the post-graduate level the Corcoran School of Art offers courses such as MA in interior design, MAT art education and MA history of decorative arts. The school boasts of amazing faculty members like Shannon Egan, James Abbott, Casey Smith, Justine Walden, Dennis Cummings, Ellen Smith, Hans Weise and many other such famous names.
Admission and Facilities

The admissions to the Corcoran School of Art can be done by filling up the admission forms. These forms may be collected personally or can be downloaded. The Corcoran School of Art also provides financial aids to needy students. The library of the Corcoran School of Art is very informative and is accessible to not only the current students but also the alumni. It may even be accessed by commoners for research purposes by seeking a prior appointment with the librarian. The Corcoran School of Art accepts donations from the alumnus and from charitable organizations.

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