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Cranbrook Academy of Art

The Cranbrook Academy of Art is a co-educational institution for graduate studies in art, architecture and design. The institution is well known for its apprentice method of teaching. An artist in residence teaches a small group of around 10 to 20 students during the course of their curriculum.

History of the Cranbrook Academy of Art:
The Cranbrook Academy of Art was founded in 1932 as a part of the Cranbrook Educational Community. George Gough Booth and his wife Ellen Scripps Booth, both philanthropists, founded the Cranbrook academy. The building was designed by Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen who also headed the academy originally. Eliel Saarinen incorporated design practices and theories from the arts and crafts movement through the international style. The Cranbrook Academy of Art is situated in the affluent suburb neighborhood of Bloomfield Hills in Detroit, MI.

Degrees and Programs:
Many of the graduate programs of the Cranbrook Academy of Art are considered the best in America, due to the teaching style which is very advantageous for the school. The academy offers a Master of Architecture degree; however because of the teaching style adopted by the academy, the degree is not accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board. A Master of Fine Arts degree is awarded in 2D design, 3D design, ceramics, fiber, metalsmithing, painting, photography, print media and sculpture.
Campus Life at Cranbrook Academy of Art:

Campus life at the Cranbrook Art Academy is easy going and fun. The students have 24/7 access to the studios and the grounds. The main city is at a half hour distance from the campus and thus easily accessible. The campus has plenty of eateries with food ranging from Spanish delicacies to Italian take out. Music and Painting clubs are also there for the studentsí recreation.

Notable alumni of the Cranbrook Academy of Art include Harry Bertoia, Kim Slander, Gyo Obata, Charles Eames, Ray Eames, Marc Awodey, Maiji Grotell, Ralph Rapson, Eero Saarinen, Ed Bacon, Betty Davenport Ford and Nancy Skolos.

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