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Crealde School of Art

The Crealde School of Art is located in Winter Park, Florida. It is a non-profitable organization which offers courses in more than 80 courses of painting, drawing and sculpture to children and adults. The core values and mission of Crealde School of Art is that “arts are for everyone”. It tries to provide stimulating, educational and hands-on experiences to students of arts.


The Crealde School of Art was founded in the year 1975 and was the brainchild of William S. Jenkins who was a businessman based in Winter Park. He established the Crealde School of Art in order to promote community artists by making a studio rental space and a gallery. Every year, the Crealde School of Art offers an opportunity for public to view an array of fine art by bringing artists from all over the world to the Alice and William Jenkins Gallery. These exhibitions never have any charges whatsoever and are absolutely free. Moreover, one can even attend lectures and workshops arranged by the artists. The faculty of Crealde School of Art consists of more than 40 professional artists who impart knowledge to beginners, intermediate and advanced class students. Some of them are Belinda Glennon, Hye Shin, Fabiola Hansen, Rick Lang, Camilo Velasquez, Chris Bolton, Vicky Lilavois and many others.


The Crealde School of Art organizes various exhibitions, events and cultural activities which requires volunteers. Anybody who is interested can become a volunteer and offer his/her services. One can even become a member of the Crealde School of Art by paying some nominal membership charges. The campus of Crealde School of Art has a Sculpture Garden which has many three-dimensional pieces of work. It is free and open to the public. The Crealde School of Art recently opened a Heritage Center which pays tribute to the past, present and future contributions of Winter Park’s African American group of people. Various workshops and camps are organized for child and old artists from time-to-time and anybody can enroll themselves. The admissions to these workshops are done on first come first serve basis. So anybody interested to join should waste no more time and enroll immediately.

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