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Denver School of the Arts

The Denver School of the Arts is presently located in Montview Boulevard, Denver. It provides education to both middle school and high school students. It is one of the comprehensive secondary arts institutions in the Rocky Mountain region which has gained immense recognition. The Denver School of the Arts aims to foster a lifelong love of arts in all its students.

History and Facilities

The Denver School of the Arts was established in Fall 1991 as a division of the Denver Public School District. Initially it began as a separate program at Manual High School and then moved to Cole Middle School. Thereafter it occupied the Byres building which is its present address. The school started with just 190 students but now has more than 900 students. The major courses offered in the Denver School of the Arts are Creative Writing, Dance, Instrumental Music, Stagecraft and design, Theatre, Dance, Video Cinema Arts, Visual Arts and Vocal Music.

Apart from these courses, academic courses like math, science, social studies, foreign languages, language arts and academic elective classes are also offered. The student services at Denver School of the Arts include counseling, library, nurse, psychologist, resource teachers, student advisors and nurses. Various exhibitions and theatre performances are arranged from time-to-time in which students take an active participation.

Faculty and Admission

The Denver School of the Arts boasts of a brilliant teaching staff like Michelle Ferguson, Jonathan Howard, Mark Hughes, Leni Arnett, Gregg Painter, Michael O Banion, Rob Styron, Steve Wyss and many others. There is an audition conducted for all prospective students who wish to join any of the eight courses offered here. The Denver School of the Arts boasts of some of the brilliant test scores in the state of Colorado. The students passing out from here can be found at Mills College, University of Southern California, New York University, Indiana University, Oberlin Observatory, Berklee School of Music and other such famous organizations.

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