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Edinburgh School of Art

The Edinburgh School of Art is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. The school overlooking the Grass Market is situated near Edinburgh University’s George square campus. It provides facilities for tertiary education in art and design for more than two thousand students.

The Foundation of the Edinburgh School of Art:
The Edinburgh School of art was founded in 1769. It was started by the Trustees Drawing Academy of Edinburgh which was established by the Board of Trustees for Fisheries, Manufactures and Improvements in Scotland. The art school was set up with the intention of training designers for manufacturing industries.

French painter William Delacour was the first master of the Edinburgh School of Art. Each master of the school has been a fine artist. The art school shifted its focus from applied arts to fine arts gradually and gained reputation as an excellent academy for painting and design. The Edinburgh school of art was affiliated to the science and art department in London in 1858. In 1907 the Scottish Education Department took up the responsibility of running the academy. It was then renamed as the Edinburgh College of Art.
Location and Design of the buildings:

The premises of the Edinburgh College of Art are on lady Swanson Street. The site used to be a cattle market and is situated above the Grassmarket, opposite Edinburgh Castle. The building is made of red sandstone and is designed in the Beaux Arts style. In 1961 an architecture building was added to the east side of the college. The Architecture Building was designed by Ralph Cowan, an architectural professor at the college. In 1972 the Hunter Building was added and the campus was completed in its present form. The Edinburgh School of art is currently centered on a single site and the Grassmarket is no longer in use.

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