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Iceland Academy of the Arts

The Iceland Academy of the Arts encourages progressive thinking in arts in order to motivate originality and progress in various fields. The Iceland Academy of the Arts offers university level education and passes on artistic knowledge and professionalism to Icelandic society. The academy is operated on a global level and is at par with other art academies in neighboring countries.

Focus and Work of the Academy:

The Iceland Academy of Arts works on three basic guidelines:
Curiosity: it urges us to question events and objects and look for new avenues of outlook
Understanding: understanding a subject trains the inherent talent and skills in us.
Courage: strengthening courage allows a person to follow up on his or her beliefs and visions.

Management and Curriculum:
The academy is self governed. It provides higher education in visual arts, theatrical arts, music, design and architecture. The management is comprised of the academy board, the Rector and department faculties. The highest decision making body is the Academy board. It is in charge of all school operational issues. The board takes care of administration, finances, properties belonging to the institution and fixes the tuition fees. The Rector is appointed by the academy board to manage the Academy on the board’s behalf.
Courses Available:
The Iceland Academy of the Arts offers courses on Visual Arts, Drama, Design and Architecture, Music and Art Education. There is also an online curriculum for distance learning.
Applying to the Academy:

The application at the Iceland Academy of the Arts is in an electronic format. The process and application material differs according to the department. Once the form is filled it should be printed out and sent to the relevant department along with a passport sized photograph attached to the application form. In case of additional requirements by any department, the student should submit required papers along with the form. It is advisable for each student to read the application form carefully before submitting it.

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