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Iranian Academy of the Arts

The Iranian Academy of the Arts was started on March 2000 in Esfand. It was founded in accordance with an enactment of the march 16th Session of the High Council of Cultural revolution.

Establishment and Management of the Academy:

The Iranian Academy of the Arts was established in accordance with Article 1 of the Statute of the Academy of Art. The main purpose of the academy is to preserve Islamic national heritage and art. The academy makes policies and strategies required to gain access to latest findings and advances for promoting Islamic culture against invading cultural threats. The Iranian Academy of the Arts is an independent establishment and is affiliated to the Presidentís Office. The annual budget of the academy is fixed within the budget of the office of the President.

Departments in the Iranian Academy of the Arts:

The core courses in the academy are Dramatic Arts, Music, Architecture and Urban Planning, Handicrafts and Traditional Arts, Visual Arts, Cinema, Philosophy and Theosophy and Multimedia. The members of each department are chosen by the president of the academy. The function of each department is to prepare related research plans and then submit the plans to the expertsí council.

The committee of the academy consists of eight experts. All the regular members are required to be associate professors at least. In case a member is not a professor, he or she is required to be a prominent Iranian artist or have Iranian nationality. Foreigners are admitted as honorary members into the academy only if they are notable artists or art researchers. The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the Chancellor of the Iranian Academy of the Arts.

At any given time the Iranian academy of the Arts is required to have thirty regular members. All the members should be expert artists and active in various departments. Among the regular members, twenty of them all elected by nomination of the Art Council and approval of the Cultural Revolution Supreme Council. Those twenty members select the remaining ten members.

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