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Memphis College of Art

The Memphis College of Art or the Memphis Academy of Art is a privately funded art and design institute. The Memphis college of art and design is located in Overton Park in Memphis, Tennessee. It is adjacent to the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art.


The Memphis College of Art was started in 1936. The institute is a non-profit, independent college. The college has accreditation from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Courses Offered:
The Memphis College of Art offers degrees in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Art and Master of Fine Arts. The Master of Art degree is available in Art Education and Teaching Degrees. Courses at the college include art, music, ceramics, computer arts, fiber arts, illustration, liberal studies, metal work, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and graphic design. There are also combinations of the subjects available.
Life at the Memphis College of Art:

The Memphis College of Art has an average of 300 students every year; 250 of them are undergraduates and 50 are graduates. The student life at Memphis College of Art is balanced with classes and various activities. The session starts with an orientation which includes a three day seminar to enable students to understand their responsibilities at Memphis college of the arts. Other activities like community dinners and movie nights are included later in the semester. These activities are designed in order to let the students interact with each other. There are other off-campus activities that are more scholastically inclined. Theses include internship programs, a consortium exchange program with four local colleges and 43 international and national art institutes. A few activities like the annual winter ski trip and the annual fall canoe trip are organized purely for fun. The Memphis College of Art reaches out to the public by holding gallery exhibitions, continuing education and having facilities for children’s classes and visiting artist lectures.

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