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Minneapolis College of Art and Design

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design is a visual arts college in Minneapolis. It is recognized globally for its innovative approach towards art

Foundation and Decelopment

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design was established in 1886. It was originally known as the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts. It was started by a group of art lovers who wanted to portray Minneapolis as a culturally sophisticated town. The college has the highest possible level of accreditation for an art and design college. The students are provided with necessary instructions essential for growth of their creativity. The Minneapolis College of Art and Design is situated in south Minneapolis near the Childrenís Theater Company and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The Minneapolis school of art and design is well known for its list of notable alumni.

Programs At the College

The curriculum at Minneapolis College of Art and Design offers degree programs in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science and Master of Fine Arts. Bachelor of Fine Arts degree has 14 majors: Advertising, Fine Arts Studio, Painting, Animation, Furniture Design, Photography, Comic Art, Graphic Design, Print paper Book, Drawing, Illustration, Sculpture, Filmmaking and Interactive Media. The Master of Fine Arts program has the same subjects as the Bachelorís program.

The Bachelor of Science program is constructed to help the students develop an interest in business and arts. It is specially designed for students who have visual as well as verbal skills. On an average, the college admits around 700 students every year. The institute has a certificate program for students wanting to focus on a particular area but not looking for any degree. The Online Sustainable Design Certificate program at Minneapolis College of Art and Design is renowned for its groundbreaking technique for in-depth study. The projects and learning tracks are designed to put up better business and living atmospheres. Apart from design professionals, educators, government officials, business men and students of varied cultural ethnicities gain valuable and practical knowledge.

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