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New York Academy of Art

The New York Academy of Art is located in the heart of TribeCa, New York. It is a non-profit educational and cultural institution which focuses on the advancement of figurative painting, sculpture and drawing. The institute is also known as Graduate School of Figurative Art and is the only accredited school of this kind in the whole world. In the year 2002, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has conferred his Patronage on The New York Academy of Art.

The New York Academy of Art was founded by a group of artists, art patrons and critics in the year 1982. One of the most remarkable members was pop-sensation Andy Warhol. The courses offered at the New York Academy of Art are painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, history of techniques, composition and design, history of art and visual culture and a diploma project. Many artists have spent years of training to master the details and intricacies of the bodyís representation in art. The New York Academy of Artís Master Degree course focuses on the conceptual and metaphorical aspects of the human body and its various studies.
The New York Academy of Art brings about a blend of the Italian and French Academies and aims to provide facilities to students so that they have the same access to the knowledge and facilities as the great artists of the past. The Academy offers a two-year, four-semester program leading to the Master of Fine Arts degree. This program requires full-time enrollment.

The New York Academy of Art occupies a renovated five-storey, forty-thousand square foot landmark building. The Academy has a cast collection and a fine arts library. There are six classrooms, many student studios, set of plaster dissection casts and a compilation of anatomical specimens which contains skeletons for research. The lecture and exhibition hall of The New York Academy of Art has an extensive collection of plaster castings of Classical, Renaissance and later European sculpture.

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