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Pacific Northwest College of Art

Pacific Northwest College of Art is a college located in Portland, Oregon, United States. It is one of the renowned institutes of art. The Pacific Northwest College of Art was established in the year 1909 as part of the Portland Art Museum and was named the Museum Art School. It continued to be a part of the Portland Art Museum for more than 75 years. In the year 1991, the Pacific Northwest College of Art formed a semi-autonomous body of Governors. In April, 1995, Pacific Northwest College of Art became an autonomous non-profit organization and abandoned all legal connections with the Museum. In the summer of 1998, the College moved to its present location. The College has made a huge transition from a Museum run body to an independent body. There are two academic deans- one for the Bachelor of Fine Arts and one for the Continuing Education program.

The Pacific Northwest College of Art offers bachelor of fine arts, master of fine arts degree in visual studies and continuing education programs. In the graduate program, courses like communication design, painting, illustration, intermedia, photography, printmaking and sculpture are offered. The multi-disciplinary and mentor-based master degree program is a two-year program. The continuing education is the oldest and is open to adults, teens and children.
The Pacific Northwest College of Art main mission is to transform its students into knowledgeable, coherent and practicing visual artists and designers with an ability to contribute substantially with their individual efforts to the ongoing dialogue in art. The four educational objectives of the College are creative practice, integrated knowledge and critical thinking, social and ethical responsibility and effective communication prepares the students for a creative life.

The main campus of the Pacific Northwest College of Art has The Edith Goodman building which has the maximum number of studio spaces, the Philip Feldman Gallery, BFA Student Gallery and Intermediate Gallery. The 3 D Studio building has the Manuel Izquierdo Sculpture Gallery. It also has a wood shop, ceramics lab and welding lab. The Studio Annex has 92 private studios for junior and senior students. The Center4Design is a professional design studio meant for students of Communication Design department.

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