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Académie des Parsons The New School for Design

Parsons The New School for Design is located at the Greenwich Village in the neighborhood of the New York City. It is a design school affiliated since 1970. It was established in the year 1896 and was initially called Chase School, named after American Impressionist painter, William Merritt Chase. In 1904, Frank Alvah Parsons joined this school and realizing the new wave of changes due to the Industrial Revolution, started a series of firsts like: first program in fashion design, advertising and graphic design and interior design. In 1939, after Parson’s death, the school officially adopted his name. In 1970, the school became a part of the New School for Social Research. The campus also shifted from Sutton Place to its present location. Parsons The New School for Design is a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design.

Parsons The New School for Design offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. The undergraduate program includes courses in architectural design, communication design, design and management, fine arts, illustration, interior design, photography, product design, fine arts, foundation, art and design studies and integrated design. The graduate program offers courses in architecture, fine arts, history of decorative arts and design, design and technology, lighting design and photography. Apart from these programs Parsons The New School for Design also has pre-enrollment and continuing education programs.
The main objective of Parsons The New School for Design is to focus on creating engaged citizens, outstanding artists, designers, scholars and business leaders with the help of a design-based professional and liberal education. The students learn to face the challenges of living and working in a creative decision making world where even human experiences are carefully designed. The School focuses on collaborative methods and global perspectives on the future of design.
Student Facilities

Parsons The New School for Design provides student facilities like health services, international student services, financial aids, campus employment, career services, tutoring, counseling and bookstore.

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