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Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1805 by painter and scientist Charles Wilson Peale, sculptor William Rush, other artists and some businessmen. The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts presents some special exhibitions and also has the oldest art museum and school in the nation. The Academy is known for its huge collections of 19th and 20th century American paintings, sculptures and works on paper.

The current building of the museum was opened in the year 1876. Since its establishment, the Academy has always collected works of noted American artists as well as by the alumni and faculty members of the Academy. The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts had organized annual art exhibitions from 1811 to 1969, in which significant acquisitions were made. The historic landmark building of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts is designed by Frank Furness and George W. Hewitt and it is regarded as an important division of America’s and Philadelphia’s architectural legacy.
Courses and Programs
The students learn the basics of drawing, sculpture, painting and printmaking for two years. After the completion of these courses, the students enjoy two years of independent study, which is guided by helpful criticism from faculty members, students and visiting artists. The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts offers a Certificate, a Bachelor of Fine Art, a Masters of Fine Art, a Post Baccalaureate degree and also a course on public programs. The Academy even offers internship courses for interested candidates. One can even become a volunteer of the Academy and offer his/her services.

The Portfolio at the Pennsylvania Academy is the latest museum shop for buying jewelry, gifts, accessories and books at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. An Academy Café is also located within the premises. There are knowledgeable guides who take a visitor on a tour of the Pennsylvania Academy and reveal the mysterious stories behind the four centuries of American sculptures, paintings and works.

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