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Pratt Institute

The Pratt Institute is a private institution located in New York City. Pratt Institute is one of the leading art institutes in the United States. It has two campuses- Manhattan and Brooklyn. On October 17, 1887, twelve young people came to the new main building of the Institute to fulfill the dream of Charles Pratt. Although Charles was born as the son of a carpenter, he slowly earned lots of fortune and started serving his community. He supported the Adelphi Academy and the building of Emmanuel Baptist Church. In 1886, he founded the Pratt Institute which later opened in Brooklyn in the year 1887. Pratt Institute is a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design.

In 1888, programs in liberal arts and sciences began in the Pratt Institute. In 1890, the library school opened. In the year 1910, School of Science and Technology started. In 1936, the Industrial Design Department started. In 1938, first baccalaureate degrees were awarded. In 1946, the Interior Design Department was established. In 1954, the School of Architecture was separated from the Art School. In 1964, the Co-operative Education Program started.

Courses and Degrees
The Pratt Institute offers undergraduate, graduate, associates and continuing studies degrees. The undergraduate program has advertising art direction, graphic design, industrial design, illustration, photography, fine arts, animation, architecture, film and video, history of art and design and writing for publication, performance and media courses. The graduate program has courses in art therapy, historic preservation, design management, industrial design, interior design, architecture, digital arts, dance and movement therapy, facilities management, communications design and others.
The mission of the Pratt Institute is “to educate artists and creative professionals to be responsible contributors to society”. The Institute looks for aesthetic judgment, professional knowledge, technical expertise and collaborative skills in all its students. The courses blend theory with creative application and help students to emerge as leaders in their professions.
Student Facilities

The Pratt Institute has career counseling, campus ministry, disability services, writing and tutorial center, academic senate, libraries, human resources, financial aid, exhibitions and intensive English programs for students.

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