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Royal Academy of Art

The Royal Academy of Art is an art academy which is situated in The Hague, Netherlands. It is the oldest art academy in Europe. It was founded in the year 1682 on September 29. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries European governments took the initiative to promote scientific studies. However, the erstwhile State of the Netherlands did not have such an institution. As a result, King Louis Napoleon founded the Royal Institute of Science, Letters and Arts by a decree. The Royal Institute endured even after the downfall of King William I and came to be known as the Royal Netherlands Institute of Science, Letters and Arts. In the year 1851, the old institute got replaced by Royal Academy of Sciences, which promoted Mathematics and Physics. The Academy was then divided into Science division and a Humanities and Social Sciences division which exists even today. The present name Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences dates back from 1938.

Academic Courses
The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences offers courses like behavioral and social sciences, history, law, language and literature and philosophy and theology under the Humanities and Social Sciences group. Under the Science group courses like biology, earth sciences, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, technical sciences and physics and astronomy are offered. The Science division conducts many multidisciplinary research works.
Aims and Objective
The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences aims to promote quality scientific and scholarly works. It tries to ensure that the students contribute substantially to the cultural, economic and social welfare of the country. The Academy also advises the government on matters dealing with scientific research. It promotes international scientific cooperation.

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and its institutes organize conferences, symposiums and lectures regularly and these are open to the public. The Trippenhuis earlier had the Rijksmueum which had just eleven paintings, but now it has been remodeled and houses a large collection of paintings and portraits. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences has several conference rooms which are required in the various conferences held on a regular basis. The Academy also has a garden which is open for public in the summers.

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