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Royal Danish Academy of Art

The Royal Danish Academy of Art is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The School of Architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Art is one of the oldest architectural schools in the world. The Royal Danish Painting, Sculpture and Building Academy was founded in the year 1754. In the year 1960, the school became an independent unit and had its own management and achieved an independent status. It became an autonomous body and started issuing diploma and masterís degree in architecture but at the same time maintained its artistic and professional status under the Royal Danish Academy of Art.

Courses Offered
The architectural program at the Royal Danish Academy of Art is of five years which comprises of a three year bachelor program and two year masterís program. The bachelor degree course is an independent program which provides students the guidelines about the basics of architectural skills and knowledge. After moving on to the masterís degree program, students gain academic freedom, in-depth knowledge and methodological experience of architecture. The bachelor program is organized in such a way so that each of the ten departments offer the full program. However, in the third year the respective departments adopt different programs as per their curriculum. In the masterís program each department adopts its own perspectives and approach to study. The three main specialization programs are planning, building design and design.
The main objective of the Royal Danish Academy of Art at the time of its establishment was to educate artists and craftsmen under the same roof. The school aims to provide the best facilities and infrastructure in order to promote the spread of knowledge.

The Danish National for center Building Documentation was founded in the year 1929. In the year 1930, the center of fine Arts was taken over by the Royal Danish Academy and became a separate department known as The School of Architecture. In the year 2000, The Danish National for Center Building Documentation changed its name and became the School of Architecture Library. The library provides ample opportunities for research.

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