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San Francisco Art Institute

The San Francisco Art Institute is a contemporary art school which is situated in the Russian Hill district of San Francisco, United States. It is a private and non-profit art institution. It was founded in the year 1871 by the artists, writers and community leaders who were members of San Francisco Art Association.

The California School of Design was renamed California School of Fine Arts in 1916 and as San Francisco Art Institute in the year 1961. The San Francisco Art Institute rejected the distinction between fine and applied art and expanded the definition of art to include graphic arts, conceptual art, typography and social and political documentary.

Courses and Degrees
The San Francisco Art Institute offers graduate and undergraduate degrees. It also offers off-campus study programs, public programs and research programs. The San Francisco Art Institute offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Theory of Contemporary Art and Urban Studies. The Institute offers Master of Fine Arts, Summer Master of Fine Arts, Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Arts, and Master of Arts in History and Theory of Contemporary Art, Masters of Arts in Urban Studies, Master of Arts in Exhibition and Museum Studies. The Summer Master of Fine Arts is specially designed for those students who choose an alternative academic schedule.
Core Values
The San Francisco Art Institute has constantly remained steadfast to its core value of creating programs where creativity and critical thinking are fostered in an open, innovative and interdisciplinary environment. The San Francisco Art Institute tries to create creative individuals who would become the creative leaders of their field. The institute boasts of an astounding alumnus including many famous writers, painters and others.

The San Francisco Art Institute has a unique library, Diego Rivera Gallery, Walter and MacBean galleries, café, digital media services, filmmaking instruments, New Genres Department with internet facilities. Apart from these the Painting Department has two-drawing studios, a photo lab, Printmaking Department offers services in lithography, monoprint, relief, intaglio, book arts and screen printing. The campus also has space for sculpture installation and critique.

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