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Home >> Schools of Art >> Sir J. J. School of Art

Sir J. J. School of Art

Sir J. J. School of Art is situated on Dadabhai Naoraji Road, Mumbai. This state aided college is the sister concern of the Sir J.J. School of Applied Art. It was founded in March 1857, with the generous donations of Sir Jamshetjee Jeejeebhoy, the first baronet. After the Design and Engraving Class started, the premise was shifted to Jamshetjee’s old residence. The present buildings were built in 1879. The school faced an adverse threat at the beginning of the Second World War. After independence, the school was divided into three divisions namely- Sir J. J. School of Art, Sir J. J. College of Architecture and Sir J. J. Institute of Commercial Art. The Sir J. J. School of Art got affiliation from the Mumbai University in June 1981.

Course Structure
The Sir J. J. School of Art offers degree courses in

fine arts,

painting and sculpture. From June 1988, the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Painting has been started. Apart from painting, the Sir J. J. School of Art also offers Master

degree courses in creative painting,

portraiture and graphics. The department of arts and crafts got elevated to university status from June 1986. The Bachelor of

Fine Arts course

is spread over a period of four years.

Sir J. J. School of Art has been associated with many projects of social awareness like “Know the Five-Year Plan”, “Our Himalayas” and “International Tourist Fair- Bombay”. The most remarkable heritage building within the premises of Sir J. J. School of Art is the century-and-half-old wood and stone bungalow which is Rudyard Kipling’s birthplace. A metal tablet on the building proclaims, Rudyard Kipling, son of Lockwood Kipling, first principal of Sir J. J. School of Art. This building is a popular tourist attraction. The famous alumni students of Sir J. J. School of Art include R.K. Joshi, Bhai Patki, Amol Palekar, Arun Kale, M.F.hussain, A.A. Raiba, B. Prabhaa and Atul Dodiya to name a few.

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