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Umeċ Academy of Fine Arts

The Umeċ Academy of Fine Arts started in the year 1987 in an erstwhile factory by the riverside of Ume-älven in Sweden. The students have to spend five years in the Umeċ Academy of Fine Arts during which they acquire practical, theoretical and technical competence.

Course Details
The Umeċ Academy of Fine Arts offers a comprehensive five year degree course after which students attain their Master’s degree. The faculty of arts comprises of eight departments--- the School of Fine Arts and four interdisciplinary units/ research centers. At present the arts faculty has ten degree programs. The major areas are language, art, culture, history, religion, archeology, philosophy and media studies. The Umeċ Academy of Fine Arts also offers postgraduate level courses.

The Academy conducts workshops for wood, metal, bronze, plaster, photo, printmaking, video, sound and computer-based work which are open to all students. Every student has a fixed studio place and all the students have two tutors. All the faculty members are available as tutors for each student. Courses, workshops and projects add up to 40% of the total percentage of marks. The students practice debating and to write about visual art and other interesting topics of visual art. Students play an important part in the formation of activities of the school.
The Umeċ Academy of Fine Arts strives to make the students complete professional artists who are respected not only in Sweden but also in other areas of artistic knowledge and research. The educational courses focus on the individual needs of the students and reflect the creative diversity of contemporary Fine arts. Ever year the Umeċ Academy of Fine Arts accepts 12 students and at present there are about 60 students.
Special Features

The Umeċ Academy of Fine Arts has a Galleri 60 where exhibitions are held from time-to-time. The students are also allowed to build their own official websites which showcases their works. The Academy also offers scholarships for students. Many research projects are also undertaken and supervised at the Umeċ Academy of Fine Arts.

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