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Car Sketches

Car sketches mean the perspective model or presentation of a car . These sketches are brilliantly designed by professionals as well as artists. People are specially trained and employed for designing the cars. These sketches are made with charcoal, pencil, pen or paints.

Aspects about Car Sketches

Car sketches have been in use for a very long period. All the big manufacturing companies of cars like Ford, Mercedes, Maruti, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, BMW and others have their own special designers who make unique Car sketches for their new models. These Car sketches were earlier made primarily with the help of pen or pencil . Nowadays, with the spread of computer, Adobe Photoshop is most commonly used for making excellent Car sketches. With the help of this program the time spent for making the sketches are reduced. Moreover, the final result is immediately displayed in front of the painter. The accurate dimensions and calculations are also easier to develop with the help of these programs. However, still now many painters prefer to make the initial rough sketch with pencils or pens.

How Car Sketches are Done
Car sketches are generally made to help in accessing the cost of manufacturing. Usually thousands of car sketches are made before the final selection is made by the company. Then a full size drawing is made to determine production feasibility. Thereafter the necessary changes are made and the final image is decided. Sometimes even a clay model or wood model is made before making the final metal structure of the car. Most of the car sketches are kept as absolute secrets because the final production and official launch of the car may be three or four years later. After the car sketches are finalized the color and upholstery of the car is carefully chosen by designers.

Some of these car sketches are even displayed in many art galleries. Mikael Lugnegard and J D Hillberry are the

contemporary artists

who make excellent car sketches and even train people about this art.

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