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Fashion Sketch

Fashion designers draw schematic fashion sketches that convey their designs to the dress makers. These figures or sketches are known as Croquis which means “sketch” in French. Fashion is conceived in the mind of any fashion designer. Thousands of fashion sketches are made before the perfect outfit is created. The sketch has to accurately portray the vision of the designer or the final product will be ruined. To prevent that it is necessary to have thorough information on fashion sketching.

Drawing the Basic Fashion Sketch:

To draw a proper croquis it is important to find the perfect body pose. While most designers are proficient in drawing, amateurs collect magazine tears, runway photos and catalogs that have models in desired poses. It is preferable to collect pictures of models wearing tight clothes so that the body features can be traced easily. Most designers start with drawing a straight croquis. It is easiest to work on the straight fashion sketch. Once the model and dress is sketched on the basic croquis, different poses can be sketched later on.

It usually takes twenty to thirty minutes to finish a single fashion sketch. To make an anatomically proportionate fashion sketch it is better to sketch using grids as a reference point. The sketch is started by drawing a vertical plumb line. The plumb line extends from the chin to at least one heel in any pose. If the model is drawn standing in a balanced pose, then the plumb line will fall between the feet. A series of horizontal lines based on the straight croquis are drawn at the top of the head, chin, shoulders, bust, waist, hip, rise, knee and ankle. The shapes are roughed out by drawing circles at all the joints and connecting them with lines representing legs and arms. The torso is merely two triangles facing each other. Once the rough structure is drawn, the body is rounded out. Normally the models in fashion sketches are drawn thinner than average people. Once a good body in a fashionable pose is drawn, the

designer sketches

on the clothes.

One of the most important aspects of the fashion scene is making a good fashion sketch. For anyone, the skill of being able to sketch and draw is of great help.

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