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How to Sketch

Art is all about learning. There is always a need of instructions which would guide somebody about the various aspects of sketching. The whole idea of sketching is about being you and letting your real emotions flow out on the paper. It is not about imitating someone or making the appropriate calculations like in a drawing.

Aspects of Sketching
Sketching can be done in mainly two different ways—one is sketching as a preliminary stage and the other is as a final drawing. Sketching helps to sharpen an artist’s ability of focusing on things. Sketching can normally be done with charcoal, acrylic, pencil, pen, oil, watercolor or any other medium. Sketching is inexpensive and provides the artist ample opportunities to try out different ideas before making a final painting. The most important thing which one should know while sketching is the form and shape of the object. Secondly, one should not be bothered about making mistakes. There are many books which are available in the market which provide simple instructions on how to sketch. Many famous artists also take training sessions where they provide ideas about how to sketch.

Useful Tips on How to Sketch
There are certain basic things which are required for sketching like paper and pencil or any other medium. Firstly, the object which is to be painted needs to be focused on. Always remember not to use very dark strokes of pencil while sketching. Do not use the eraser too much but rather focus on your ideas. While sketching try to notice the different angles of light and shade and try to capture them in your work. For instance, when you draw a plant always make it lean towards the light because plants always need light to grow. Shading is also an important aspect of sketching. Before shadowing always remember to have a perfect outline of the object.

The sketchbooks of Leonardo da Vinci and Edgar Degas are useful guides on how to sketch.
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