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Online Sketch

Sketches are freehand drawings consisting of numerous overlapping lines. Sketches are useful for recording ideas for later use. Making sketches polishes an artistís knack of focusing on his work and is a prescribed part of development in arts.

Online Sketching Programs:

Online sketching or digital drawing is possible by means of special softwares. Digital tools allow people greater freedom to express themselves. Adobe Photoshop is the commonly used program for digital art. An older program, MS Paint is also used but it has lesser features and is more common amongst school kids and amateurs.

About Digital Sketching:

Digital sketching or drawing is the method of painting directly into the computer. Advances in hardware and software have made it easier to produce high quality images. Everybody owning a personal computer can easily upload the software and create digital drawings for personal use. Many artists use digital sketches or drawing for posters, book covers, illustrations, video games and even paintings. Unlike computer graphics, digital sketching uses traditional art methods rather than filters. Most people use only the paintbrush and eraser tools.

Adobe Photoshop:

The Photoshop software is an ever expanding software for digital paintings, illustrations and doodles. Photoshop is used to create professional, print quality images with high effectiveness. Sketching or painting on Adobe Photoshop is pretty easy. If drawing with a mouse becomes difficult, special tablets are available that provide digital pads and a cordless pen. The pen acts like a mouse and allows the artist to draw directly on the screen. Nowadays Photoshop is used to produce images for the Internet. Recent versions of Photoshop have specialized tools for making images for the World Wide Web.

The advances in the digital image industry have revolutionized the world of art. Even photographers use digital means to create special effects in their photographs. The introduction of graphics tablets has taken this revolution even further.

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