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Sketch Art

Sketch art means a hasty drawing which is made in an initial stage and kept for further use. It basically serves as an outline for future works. It is an informal composition mainly which is not given a final touch in most of the cases.

Aspects of Sketch Art

Sketch art has been practiced by artist for many centuries. Sketches are generally made from pencil, pen, charcoal or wax crayons. Clay is also used at times to make brilliant sketches. Sketch art gives an artist immense scope to express himself in any way he wants. At times these sketches are not even comprehensible by general masses but that does not deter artists from making them. Sketch art gives an insight about the artistís state of mind at a given point and all these pieces are original and unique. Usually it is said that while making a sketch, an artist does not use erasers, however, he may use it to smudge lines or to soften them. Sketches are usually made on sketch pads or notebooks. Blending and shading is an important part of the sketch art. Shading should always be done keeping in mind the effects of light and shade

Resources of Sketch Art

The sketch art requires the use of correct type of paper and media. The tooth of sketch paper and weight determines whether a sketch paper is multi-purpose or specially designed for a particular medium. A smooth surface of paper is meant for drawing, technical drawing. The price ranges vary depending on these factors. Most of the sketch papers are generally white or light-cream in color but sketch paper rolls are available in canary color. Many books are available in the markets which provide valuable tips on sketch art. Even drawing classes and workshops are organized from time-to-time at different places where people learn the sketch art.

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