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Sketch Artist

Sketch artist means the person who makes sketches for administrative use based on the depictions of a witness. They are also known as forensic, composite or police artists. The sketch artist tries to make accurate pictures of a criminal or suspect and tries to help the police in their investigations. The work of a sketch artist should not be intermingled with that of a regular artist.

Method of Work
The sketch artist firstly asks the witness to try and remember the facial features of the suspect. Then they ask various types of questions regarding the skin color, eye color, color of the hair or any distinguishable mark. Sometimes sketch artists even show different types of books containing drawings of facial features and help the witness in remembering the suspect. Thereafter the sketch artist draws initial rough sketches based on the basic information of a witness. They then share these sketches with the witnesses and make necessary changes until the sketch resembles the exact face of the suspect. Sketch artists draw the full face and various angled features of the suspect. Sometimes sketch artists make sketches of a criminal at different ages. This is helpful especially in cases where the convict has been hiding for many years. Sketch artists may also document crime scenes like the picture of any missing object or the instrument used for murder. These sketches are then used by investigators who were not there at the accident place.

Media Used
With the rapid progress in the field of computer nowadays, sketch artists also use computer to make these sketches. Sometimes, a sketch artist may even use clay to make a model of the criminal’s face. There are three main fields which sketch artists consider while making a clay model--- race, gender and age of the person. These three things play an important role in making the clay model.
Career Requirements
The sketch artists are specially appointed by the government. However, most of them work as freelance artists. The sketch artist needs to have a good knowledge of fine arts and designing. They should be good listeners and observers. The sketch artist should have the ability to solve problems.
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