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Sketch Book

Sketch Book means a pad of paper which is used to record sketches or visual drawings. It can also be regarded as an album of paintings. The media used for the sketch book and its nature may vary depending on the artist.

Characteristics of Sketch Book
Sketch books were initially made to provide a constant supply of drawing paper for the artist in an arranged way. Nowadays, however, with the spread of computer, online sketch books have gained great popularity. Sketch books are very handy for artists to make the initial rough idea before making the final drawing. All types of drawing or sketches can be made in these sketch books. Some artists even pen down just ideas or words in them instead of sketches. Sketch books come in a variety of shapes, sizes and volume of pages. Some of them have simple covers while others have brilliant motifs on the cover. Moreover, some artists even personalize these covers according to their choices and make a design of their own. Sketch books are available in various shades of white, pink, yellow and light green. However, the sketch book should be carefully chosen depending on the media.

Facts about Sketch Book
Sketch books are best to note down new ideas and are helpful in keeping a track of these creative ideas. These ideas may be implemented when you may fall short of ideas while making large paintings. This method will slowly give the habit of drawing on a regular basis. Many famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Goya, John Constable., JMW Turner and others have maintained sketch books which are now displayed at various galleries and museums.
Maintenance Tips
There are certain useful tips to maintain your personal sketch book. Always place a thin card or paper under the drawing page so that the drawing does not blot on the following page. Do not fold the pages or the top cover roughly. Try to avoid tearing off pages from the book as that will loosen the binding. Just follow these simple tips and protect your sketch book.
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