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Sketch Drawing

Sketch drawing means a quick drawing which is made instantly and carefully kept for future use. It basically serves as an outline for future works. It is an inappropriate expression of ideas which may not be accurate in dimensions and calculations.

Aspects of Sketch Drawings
Sketch drawing is a common practice among artists of all ages. Artists often have the habit of making instant sketches of any striking object or any new idea on sketch pads. It makes work easier for artists as these rough sketches can easily be incorporated in large drawings. Sketch drawings are generally made with crayon, pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, pastel or marker. While making sketches artists try not to use much of erasers or rubbers. Sketch drawings are at times incomprehensible by audience but they reflect the artistís thought process and focus on a particular object. The themes of sketch drawings can include anything under the sun starting from abstract ideas, nude figures to still life and portraits. Sketch drawings are made on a special type of sketch paper. These sketch papers vary depending on the surface and tooth. They are even made on canvas at times before the final painting is done. In most of the sketch drawings, there is a minimal use of colors.

Resources and Types of Sketch Drawings
Sketch drawings of famous artists have been published and displayed at various places. Many online tutorials provide simple instructions to budding artists and books with helpful tips are also available in the markets. With the spread of computer, many software programs are there with the help of which accurate sketch drawings can be made. Nowadays, there is a current trend of transforming pictures into sketches. In this method, pictures are shaded to resemble real life sketches. Sketch drawings are also very helpful for police and investigating departments as they often help to find the convict.
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