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Sketch Pads

Sketch pads are specially designed copies or notebooks of paper which are used by artists for making rough sketches. These sketches can be used for future use. Different types of media may be used for sketching purposes in these notebooks. Sketch pads are also known as sketch books or sketch block.

Use of Sketch Pads
Sketch pads are very helpful to draw any striking figure or object instantly that might attract the attention of the artist. Many artist even note down important words or facts about certain thing or figure in them. These ideas are then used when he makes large scale drawings. This method of noting down in the sketch pads is very good way of getting into drawing on a daily basis. Many famous artists of the past had the habit of noting down ideas or making sketches in sketch pads. Some of these sketch pads have become very famous now and are even published and displayed at various art galleries.

Interesting Facts
Sketch pads are very handy and easy to maintain. The sketch pads are generally used by artists to make initial sketches before making the final drawing. The sketch pads are suitable for watercolor, pencil, pen, crayon, pastels and other mediums. Sketch pads are available in various sizes, shapes, colors and number of pages. Some of them even have beautiful motifs on the cover like floral prints, abstract figures, animals, still life scenes and others. At times, artists even draw their own design on the covers and customize them. Sketch pads are available in stationery shops all over the world. The price ranges depend on the size and quality of paper.
How to Preserve
Sketch pads should be carefully maintained for future use. While making a sketch in sketch pads, always place a thin card or paper below so that the sketch does not blot on the next page. Try not to tear pages from the sketch pads as it might loosen the binding. Do not spill water or any other liquid as the sketches might blot.

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