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Sketch generally means a free-hand drawing that consists of several overlapping lines. It is believed that sketches sharpen an artistís ability to focus on various objects and themes. Sketches are never generally meant for a finished work but they rather serve as a basis for future use. A sketch is inexpensive and provides the artist ample opportunities to try out different ideas before deciding upon the final piece of work.

Aspects of Sketch
Sketches have been made by artist since times immemorial. A sketch is usually done with pencil, charcoal, pen or any other medium. Sometimes even soft wax or modeled clay is also used to make sketches. A sketch allows the artist lot of freedom to express oneself in any way he wants. Usually it is believed that artists try not to use rubber while making sketches. However, the eraser might be used to soften the edges of rough lines or to smudge them. Many famous personalities prefer to make their sketches from professional artists and keep it as a remembrance.

Types of Sketch
Sometimes even cartoon characters or fairy tales are also depicted with the help of a sketch. Some of the newspapers and magazines have a regular segment on these cartoon strips. A courtroom sketch is also quite popular because in many of the legal courts cameras are not allowed. In that case, the proceedings of court are depicted with the help of sketches. Sketches are also made of criminals to help the administrative authorities to find a particular criminal. Street performers in various fairs also make some brilliant sketches which are made instantly and sold. Nowadays, there is even a special method in which photographs are reproduced as sketches with the help of a photographic enlarger. There are many artists and drawing schools which impart lessons on how to sketch. Many books are also available in the markets which provide helpful tips about sketching.
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