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Phad Paintings

A eulogized Rajput inspired an art form in Rajasthan, which dazzles you with its vivacity. The bold greens and blues of the robust figures of Phad Paintings transcend time to recreate the story of the brave Rajput warrior Pabuji. Adorning a 30 feet long scroll, these paintings show Pabuji's victory and the life style of his time. The colors employed are generally vegetable dyes and are used in a fixed order starting from orange-yellow to brown, green, red and finally black.

Legends say that Pabuji Rathod was born of the union of an apsara (celestial nymph) and a mortal. Blessed with divine powers, he led his bands of thoris or Bhils into many battles. His compassion towards fellow living creatures (he fought a battle to protect the cattle of the Charan Community) earned him the status of a God. The Charan Community gifted him with a magical Black Mare in return of his favors. The complete legend of Pabuji comprises 52 couplets (panwaras) and these panwaras are performed by the Bhopas (folk singers). The Phad Paintings are an integral part of these performances, for they illustrate the narrative.

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