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Warli Paintings

Some patent themes of Warli Paintings

Marriage is the most recurring theme of Warli paintings. Many Warli paintings depict Palghat, the marriage god, accompanied by a horse and of course the bride and the groom. These paintings are sacred and without them the marriage cannot take place.Men and women in spirals dancing in celebration, is another theme typical to the Warli Paintings. A musician playing a native instrument is usually found in the middle of such spirals. Flora and fauna are also depicted in these paintings .The harmony of the elements is what they seem to signify. These days, elements of modernity find their way into Warli Paintings. So one finds a bicycle or a transistor tucked in a corner.The cracked walls of the village of Warli have been adorned with these paintings for centuries and even today they form the primary decoration of most such houses, the only difference is that today many other houses around the world vie for such pieces of art.


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