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An art exhibition gallery is a place where different art forms are displayed to make it available to broader group of people. In some art exhibitions theme based artworks are exhibited. There are some exhibitions in which different artworks based on different medias are projected for common viewing. The purpose behind these art exhibitions is always the same; it is to make an artwork and artist known to all. Though there are thousands of art galleries all around world but here we discuss on some major art exhibition galleries:

London National Gallery: The national gallery of London is widely known for its greatest collections of Western European painting in whole world. These paintings entirely belong to public and the gallery provides free viewing. The permanent collection of national gallery consists of Western European paintings dating from about 1250 onwards.

Agora Gallery: The Agora art gallery is located in Chelsea.

It was established in 1984. By providing quality and original artworks, this fine art gallery is entirely dedicated to the growth and promotion of national and international artists. Some of the recent exhibitions organized by the Agora gallery are like art exhibition, west wing exhibition, digital fine art exhibition, fine art photography exhibition and many others.

Saatchi Gallery: The Saatchi gallery, located in London, has a history of organizing many exhibitions. This art gallery generally focuses on contemporary artworks. The gallery has

always target on being as a center of contemporary art by presenting artworks of such artists who do not have any recognition and are only working as emerging artists.

The Saatchi gallery organizes many exhibitions and in course of time the number of audience for exhibition of contemporary art has increased immensely. Due to such galleries the general awareness and interest in contemporary art has widely developed in Britain.

Some of the exhibitions organized by these galleries are of famous artists like artworks by Donald Judd, CY Twombly, Brice Marden, and Andy Warhol; these were exhibited by the Saatchi gallery in 1985. In 1986 the gallery exhibited artwork of Sol Lewitt, Carl Andre, Frank Stella, Robert Ryman and Dan Flavin. Artworks of Philip Guston, Leon Golub and Sigmar Polke were organized in 1988.

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