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Art Galleries in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota, USA. It used to be the heart of studio and gallery activities in the 1980s; however most of the artists were forced to leave the city due to high living costs. In 2003, Minneapolis formally accepted the thriving visual arts community in the city. The listings of some of the best art galleries of Minneapolis are given below:

Walker Art Center:

The Walker Art Center is an art center for contemporary art. It was established by Thomas Barlow Walker in 1879. It was established as an Upper Midwest public art gallery in 1927. From the 1940's, the museum shifted its focus to modern art after a gift from Mrs. Gilbert Walker to the art gallery. The gift comprised of art works of renowned contemporary artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore and Alberto Giacometti. The gallery is part of a 17 acre campus including buildings and parks. The Walker Art Center is situated on 1750 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Rosalux Art Gallery:

The Rosalux Art Gallery is an artist collective. It opened up in February 2002 in Northeast Minneapolis. The Rosalux Gallery was started with twelve members. The mission of the gallery is to provide its member artists with commercial exhibition space.

The gallery allows artists to make their own decisions about showcasing and promoting their works. The gallery operations are conducted by the artists themselves.The profits from art sales go to the artists directly. This keeps the price of the artworks reasonable and is also profitable for the artist. The art works displayed at the Rosalux gallery includes works by artists John Alspach, Tara Costello, Jennifer Davis, Eddie Hamilton, Jonathan Nelson, Michael Sweere, Scott Wenner and James Wrayge. The gallery is located in 1011 Washington Avenue South.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts:

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is a comprehensive art museum. Admission to the museum is free and visitors are allowed to take photographs of the permanent collection displayed in the galleries. The collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is comprised of more than 80,000 objects. The collection is composed of paintings, photographs, prints & drawings, textiles, architecture and decorative arts. The collection also includes Asian, African, American and Oceanic art works. The Asian art collection, especially the Chinese architecture and ceramic works are famous. The Minneapolis based art gallery is situated in the Washburn Fair Oaks Mansion District.

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