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Baltimore is known for its art museums and art galleries. Some of the Baltimore art galleries are listed below:

Light Street Art Gallery Baltimore: Light street gallery was a result of search for more wall space to display the artworks of emerging and developed artists. The gallery is owned and operated by Linda and Steven Krensky. It was a genuine effort of the owners who wanted to contribute something positive to the careers of the emerging artists as well as to introduce the consumers to the exotic artworks of the artists represented. The names of the artists represented in the gallery include Alex Sanchez Torres, Adrienne Mills, Anna Hanna, Antonio Acosta, Barbara Simpson and many others. The gallery remains open from Wednesday through Saturday from 12:00 am to 6:00 pm.

LeVall Art Gallery Baltimore: The LeVall Art Gallery is known for showing stunning pieces of foreign contemporary art in Russia and displaying Russian artworks abroad.

The gallery in its collection includes materpieces created by famous Russian artists such as Nikolai Grizjuk, Oleg Kudryashov and also the artists who are working by living in Novosibirsk. The gallery organized its first vernissage on 16th march 1999. Since then this date is also celebrated as the gallery’s birthday.

Walter’s Art Gallery Baltimore: The Walters Art Gallery was opened by Henry Walters. He opened this art gallery with his extensive collection of 22,000 artworks in his native city,

just with a gentle reason of benefiting the common public. The gallery in its permanent collection includes works of art such as ancient art, medieval art, rare books from world, manuscripts, arms and armors, old master paintings, sculpture and decorative arts.

Corcoran Art Gallery Baltimore: This Baltimore Art Gallery is located in 500 17th St NW Wash DC, 202-639-1700. The Corcoran Gallery of Art is one of the oldest art galleries in United States. It is just located across the White House in Washington D.C. The gallery is considered as an educational institution with an extensive collection of European art, American art, contemporary art, photography works, decorative arts and media arts.

Canton Art Gallery Baltimore: The Canton gallery is located in 2935 O'Donnell Street Baltimore, MD 21224.

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