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Chicago is very popular worldwide for its art galleries. There are different fine art galleries in Chicago. All these art galleries basically feature prints, fine art, contemporary art, traditional glass art, fine art photography, sculpture, early American art and other types of visual art. Though there are many art galleries in Chicago but only few are discussed here:

Habatat Galleries: The Habatat Gallery of London was opened in Chicago in 1996 to continue the commitment to a community interested in knowing different features of art. The gallery creates such an environment where established and emerging artists are encouraged for their artworks.

Alan Koppel Gallery: The Alan Koppel art gallery is located in the midst of River North, gallery district of Chicago between the Wells Street and Franklin street. The art gallery plays a leading role in introducing the contemporary artists worldwide to the American audience. The gallery is also famous for French and Italian modern furniture styles.

Byron Roche: Byron Roche gallery exhibits some strong technique driven contemporary arts in different media putting greater emphasis on paintings. In the Byron Roche gallery one can find nice collection of coherent stable artist with individual styles complementing each other.

Carl Hammer Gallery: The Carl Hammer gallery is located in the North Wells Street of Chicago. Being a 21st century the Carl Hammer Gallery stands ready in its third and

newest location by the time of its inaugural opening in 1979.

Kass Meridian: The Kass Meridian is a gallery of contemporary and modern prints, paintings and sculpture. The gallery has some nice artworks by renowned artists like Valerio Adami, Fernandez Arman, Mel Boucher, James Brown, Eric Fischl, Gerard Fitremann, Henry Moore and many others.

Nicole Gallery: The Nicole art gallery was found in 1986 by Nicole Smith, a businesswoman. This gallery presents many fine African, American, Haitian, African and Caribbean artworks. The gallery displays a permanent collection of Shona sculpture in United States.

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