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An art gallery is a place having a room or series of rooms where artworks on different Media are exhibited on a large scale. Similarly a city art gallery speaks about the local art culture having art collections by local artists. Since a city art gallery is a cooperative art gallery it is owned and operated by local artists. Since more than past three years the city art gallery through the city art gallery the local artists find a medium of accessing their artwork to a broad mass. A city art gallery on an average sells almost $50,000 in gallery sales annually, more than $4,000 monthly. Many artists prefer to be a member of a city art in order to learn the professional techniques of running an art gallery. That's more than one a day! There are many city art galleries located all around the world some are discussed as follows;

Leeds City Art Gallery: The Leeds city art gallery comprises artworks traditional prints, watercolors, paintings and sculptures even range of contemporary works made of plastic grapes and twin tubs. Out of London, the city art gallery has most outstanding British artworks.

This art gallery comprises the best collection of 20th century British art. The works includes drawings (link), watercolors(link), prints, sculpture, paintings, contemporary art and catalog.

Southampton City Gallery: The Southampton is an online art gallery has art range for everyone young or old. No matters the person visiting the gallery is the first time visitor or the long time art admirer.

The art works in the gallery range spanning from ancient culture to the cutting edge. This Gallery is renowned worldwide because of its exotic art gathering, spanning six centuries of the European art history.

Auckland Art Gallery: The Auckland art gallery located in New Zealand is renowned for its general art collection of national as well as international art. The public art gallery of Auckland is located in between the two buildings of the main gallery and the new gallery.

York Art Gallery: The York Art Gallery displays fine paintings and ceramics both form national and international artists. The paintings in the gallery are displayed in on the two floors of the gallery with separate themes like landscapes and portraits.

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