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A drawing art gallery is an art gallery where various hand drawn drawings and sketches are hung in large numbers. Such galleries display drawings and sketches of noted personalities all over the world. There are many drawing art galleries all over the world but only few are mentioned and discussed here:

Electronic Drawing Art Galleries: The Electronic drawing gallery is also called as E C Drawing Galleries. In this art gallery you can find names and works of artists in alphabetical orders. This online gallery is divided into two subsections gallery 1 and gallery 2. The gallery 1 includes names of drawing artists in series from A to H. This gallery presents more than 1000 best artists and crafts persons on web. The gallery 2 like gallery 1 includes names from I to Z. The artworks are the artistsí original art in pen, ink, pencil and charcoal. At this art gallery you are free to purchase any work by directly contacting the exhibitor.

Contemporary Drawing Art Gallery: This is an art gallery comprising artworks by contemporary and traditional fine artists.

The gallery has some nice art collections including Stuart Arnett, Oksana Bumstead, Jim Fogarty, Diane Gremillion, Donna Johnson and many others. Matisse Drawing Art Gallery: This South Australian art gallery was found by Henri Matisse. The art gallery consists much of this artistís artworks. His works reveal his simple approach towards art.

The gallery has many artworks by Matisse; they are based on several mediums like crayon, charcoal, pencil, etcherís burin and lithographic tusche.

National Art Gallery: The National Gallery of Art spans a century of drawing beginning from Degas to Lewitt. The national gallery in its collection has 146 twentieth century drawings. All the works are arranged chronologically. The works are basically by a wide range of American and European artists including Charles Sheeler, Jackson Pollock Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Edward Hopper and Auguste Rodin.

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