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An art gallery is a place where works of art are exhibited in a large scale. Art gallery is especially enjoyed by the art lovers. With rapid modernization and increased impetus of art many art galleries have been established all over the world. Similarly there are many art galleries located in Florida also. Some galleries are discussed here:

Elaine Baker Gallery: The Elaine Baker gallery is located in gallery center 608 Banyan Trail Boca Raton. The gallery is located in this place for past eighteen years. It is considered as the most authentic resource for architects, collectors, museums, designers and corporations. In most of its exhibitions this gallery offers contemporary artworks by both emerging as well as established artists. Mostly the gallery features artworks by artists such as Francis Bacon, Babette Bloch, Fernando Botero, Rob Lorenson, Jedd Novatt and many others. The gallery remains open from Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Camino Real Gallery: The Camino Real gallery was founded in the year 1972. It was the first art gallery in Boca Raton. The art gallery is credited of promoting the careers of many artists of national and international reputation like Olitski, Hofmann, Kahn and Pousette Dart. The gallery believes in exhibiting the works of an artist in complete. The gallery generally focuses on painting, sculpture, photography and ceramics. Every year this art gallery organizes many exhibitions and lectures in the community of south Florida.

Reed Savage Gallery: The Reed Savage gallery is located on the Merrick Park on Ponce de Leon in Coral Gables Florida. This is a contemporary fine art gallery. Through its exhibitions and other programs this gallery represents the artworks of both established and emerging artists. The featured artists of the Reed Savage gallery are Kay Jackson, Zhang Jie, Lucy Maki, Arlo Namingha and many more.

Habatat Galleries: The Habatat gallery was established in 1971.Since that period the gallery has maintained its reputation of having quality collections. The gallery located in Florida specializes in featuring contemporary glass sculptures made by both regional and international artists.

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