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The Freer gallery of art is the Smithsonian Institutionís East Asian major art museum. The museum has a wide collection of art from countries like Korea, China, Japan, South Asia, South East Asia and even American art collection. The art gallery, located on the southern side of the national mall in Washington D.C, was opened to the common public in the year 1923. The gallery is famous for some of its exclusive art works which includes Korean ceramics, Korean pottery, Chinese ceramics, Chinese paintings, for its collection of manuscripts from India and Persia, Japanese folding screens and the collection of Buddhist sculpture from different regions and periods.

Historical Perspective:

The Freer gallery of art was founded from 1854 to 1919 by a rail road car manufacturer from Detroit called Charles Lang Freer. The gallery designed in style of Italian Renaissance was constructed in granite and marble by an American architect, Charles A.

Platt.During its opening years the gallery was recognized as Smithsonian Museum for Fine Arts. Later on it stretched its boundaries of collection by including the gifts and purchases.One important feature of the museum is the dining room which was a part of London townhouse. Its adjoining art gallery of Arthur M. Sackler was opened in 1987. 1,000 works of Asian art was gifted to this house by Dr. Arthur M. Sackler, a physician and medical publisher from New York City.

His important gift items include ancient collection of Chinese jades and bronze, Chinese paintings and lacquer ware, sculptures from south East Asia and lacquer ware. After 1987 the collection of the gallery has expanded and now it includes the most important collection of the ĎVeverí- a collection of the Islamic arts of the book from 11th to 19th century.

The major artworks at Freer Gallery of Art include arts from Indian village contemporary photography and Chinese ceramics. The museum has held many international exhibitions which include Timur and the Princely Vision, Persian Art and Culture in the 15th Century. The artwork of the gallery ranges from Neolithic to modern, with huge collection of painted art mostly including the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and the Song Dynasty of China.

All collections are properly cared. The founder of the art gallery has appointed many Japanese painting restorers to take care of the works.

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