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A landscape art is an expanse of scenery which is generally seen through a single view, for example, a desert landscape. Landscape is a picture painted by an artist depicting scenery in full expanse. The word landscape has originated from the Dutch word landschap meaning sheaf. It is a traditional concept that a landscape art portrays earth surface, but this is not the sole one. There are other forms of landscape art too, like moonscape-showing landscape of moon, seascapes-which depict ocean or beaches, river scapes-depicting creeks or rivers and hardscapes meaning street areas, industrial areas etc. last but not the least cityscapes depict cities or picture of urban landscape.

There are landscape photography and landscape architecture which are steadily growing as a profession. An art gallery is a place featuring different artworks based on different mediums. There are some art galleries which are entirely based on single medium and portraying particular themed artworks while there are others which focus on assorted artwork. This entire content will discuss on landscape art and landscape art gallery:

Art-Volga landscape gallery: The art Volga landscape gallery is an online art gallery, having around 8000 artworks by Australian artists. This online art gallery has different landscape images based on different concepts. “Winter Road”, “Volga River under Ice”, “landscape with a Fir Tree”, “Spring thaw”, “December”, “Road to the river”, “Blue Shadows” and “Winter motive” are few of the famous images.

Trailside Galleries: The Trailside art Gallery is a leading Western Art Gallery, specialized in works produced by some famous modern western artists. The gallery produces fine artworks based on Landscape Art, Native American Art, Impressionism, Western Art, Southwestern Art, Figurative, Wildlife Art and Western sculpture. Some of the finest artworks produced by the gallery are ‘River Island’, ‘Fall Color Remnant’, Crazy Mountains’, 'Autumn Study', 'View of Marysville', 'Rio Grande Gorge', 'The Noon Bell', 'A Slow Burn' and 'Sunflowers And Vineyards'.

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