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London has good number of art and it's virtually all free. The British people all round the world have collected different artworks for centuries. It has become the first country to make the art gallery and museums popular to common people. Other than the excellent collections of Italian and Dutch art there are a good crop of impressionists. You can find a lot of British art on display from the paintings of Constable and Bacon to the sculptures of Henry Moore. Some excellent works of colorists like Smith and Peploe whose art appeared as a challenge to the impressionists at the beginning of the century.

The most famous of all in the town is the Tate Modern, the world's biggest modern art gallery made in a beautiful building by the side of St Paul's Cathedral. It is really nice to visit this art gallery just for the beautiful building. Though the quality of art is not that good. One more gallery of the St Petersburg is located in Somerset house which is already positioning itself as a second Covent Garden. The gallery has a nice fountain display in its huge courtyard which looks really good, especially, when illuminated at night.

National Gallery: The national gallery is a vast art gallery located in the north of Trafalgar square. The gallery has some nice collection of western and European art from the middle ages to the beginning of 20th century. The admission to the gallery is entirely free.

Tate Britain: It is located on the northern side of the river Thames in London side of the HQ of Britain's Intelligence Services next to Victoria Bridge. The gallery has large free galleries and the exhibitions are of high quality and are simply the best in Britain.

Royal Academy: It is another famous art gallery of London. Anyone can enter their painting to the gallery’s summer selling exhibition, which is famous for the assorted and often disputed nature of the exhibitions. It remains open daily from 10.00-18.00 to 22.00 on Friday.

Somerset House Gallery: The Somerset House, a large impressive modern but classically made building, is located overlooking the South Bank alongside Waterloo Bridge. In the beginning for some years it was known as the Courtaluld Gallery.

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