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Los Angeles Art Galleries

Los Angeles in California, America has many art galleries located. All these art galleries as a part of their permanent collection feature contemporary, traditional fine art, sculpture, paintings, glass art, fine art photography and other forms of visual art. Though there are so many art galleries located in Los Angeles that it is difficult to discuss all hence only few of them are discussed as follows;

Alitash Kebede: The Alitash Kebede gallery is located in La Brea in Los Angeles. The gallery presents many contemporary art collections as a part of its permanent collection. The Alitash provides corporate art and also organizes traveling art exhibitions for museums and universities. It offers exhibitions by modern and contemporary artists and also known for providing a good selection of 20th century master works.

Black Maria: The Black Maria art gallery is located in Glendale Blvd Los Angeles. The gallery is famous for its collection of drawings, graffiti and various other objects.

Some of the art works are dated back to 1950. The art gallery is dedicated to non main stream art focusing mainly on contemporary art style.

Carl Berg Gallery: The Carl Berg gallery is located between Orange Grove and Ogden. The gallery is famous for its contemporary and traditional art collections.

Dangerous Curve: The Dangerous Curve art gallery is located in the Molino Street, Los Angeles. The gallery is known for its varied art services. Here you can get an original artwork for your home wall without any expense.

Edenhurst Gallery: The Edenhurst Gallery is located in El Paseo Palm Desert California. The gallery is home for fine art works basically in the areas of fine art and antiques that began in 1970. This art gallery has its two different branches opened in 2003 and the original gallery on the art avenues opened its door in 1998.

Forum Gallery: The Forum gallery both in Los Angeles and New York is popular for its collection of modern and contemporary figurative artworks. This gallery was founded in 1961 and today this gallery proudly represents works of thirty contemporary artists.

When you visit Los Angeles these are the list of galleries that you must visit if you are keen in art and art collections.

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