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Marilyn Mansion a famous musician and artist who was known more for his outrageous stage performance was an excellent artist. From his very early life Mansion was very much interested in several forms of artworks. He painted many paintings and the oldest of his surviving work dates back to 1995 to 1996. Manson began his career as a watercolor painter in 1999. He became more popular after an exhibition which was held at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions Centre on September 13-14, 2002. With heading towards popularity Mansion organized several other art exhibitions just two years later of his first art exhibition. Finally on October 31, 2006 Manson opened his own art gallery, The Celebritarian Corporation Gallery of Fine Art. And for its inaugural function Mansion organized an exhibition dedicated to his own artworks.

Marilyn Mansion art gallery was named as the Celebritarian Corporation he gave this name to his self exclaimed art movement. Marilyn Mansion art gallery was named so because mansion believed that the word Celebritarian could sound like it is pro-celebrity class.

Marilyn Mansionís art gallery Celebritarian Corporation first developed as a secret website as Celebritarian Corporation or the Marilyn Mansion art gallery undertook certain art projects. An art gallery was opened on Halloween in 2006 in Los Angeles called as the "Celebritarian Corporation Gallery of Fine Art". The gallery permitted entrance only by prior appointment. The gallery still exists and at present it holds exhibition on the majority of Manson's watercolor works.

The Marilyn Mansion art gallery still organizes different art exhibitions for ex. the upcoming exhibition of the gallery is a coffee table art book which was initially titles as The Death of Art. Another upcoming exhibition of Marilyn Mansion includes one from April 2, 2007 to 17, 2007 in this Manson's recent works were on show at the Space 39 of Modern & Contemporary in Florida.

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