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Though Miami is not famous as Mecca of art, still there are many art museums and art galleries located in Miami. Though there are many art galleries located in Miami but only few are discussed here:

William Siegal: The William Siegal gallery is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This gallery specializes in presenting ancient and historic objects taken from Pre-Columbian, Asian, Aymara and African cultures. This gallery was founded by William Siegal. The gallery features most comprehensive collection of Andean textiles in world beginning from 750 B.C through 19th century. The artworks are of exquisite quality, condition and beauty. There are many important African and Indonesian textiles from the 19th and 20th century as a part of gallery collection.

Salvador Dali Gallery: The twenty two years old Salvador Dali gallery is the world’s only gallery which deals with authentic Dali works.

Virginia Miller Gallery: The Virginia Miller is long established contemporary fine art gallery of Miami.

The gallery is around thirty four years old. Since that time, the gallery is continuously presenting quality exhibition. It also serves its clients with detailed range of art services. For thirty five years the gallery has been introducing artists with unique vision and technique.

Abba Fine Art Gallery: Abba Fine art gallery of Miami is entirely dedicated to promote the contemporary artworks and artists. The gallery has organized many artworks; one of its recent exhibitions is on “Polysymphonic Sun”, a presentation of recent works of artists.

Bob Fitzgerald Gallery: the Bob Fitzgerald Gallery is located in 405 Espanola Way Miami beach. It is located in southern beach on Espanola Way. The entrance to art gallery is free and open to common public.

Carel Gallery: The Carel Art Gallery is located in South Beach on the Lincoln Road.

There are several galleries located in Miami such as south Florida Art centre, Britto Central, gallery 428, Sid Daniels Gallery, Herman gallery and many more. If you are interested in art and visiting art galleries this is the list of gallery names that you must visit during your trip to Miami.

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