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Nashville in Tennessee has many art galleries some of which are discussed as follows;

Vanderbilt Art Gallery: The Fine Arts gallery is a part of the Vanderbilt University. Every year The Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery features six exhibitions; these exhibitions represent the diverse nature of artist works. Other than exhibitions which are basically based on the permanent collection and organized from public and private sources, the gallery also organizes several traveling exhibitions as well. One portion of the gallery space is entirely devoted to exhibit some selected artworks from the gallery’s permanent collection. Joseph S. Mella is the director of this gallery. Other than art exhibitions and displays, the gallery also supports many lectures and some other programs all through the year. Gallery remains open from Monday to Friday, 12 pm to 4pm and on weekends 1 pm to 5pm. Every year during summer the gallery hours change. The permanent collection of the fine arts gallery include American art, Egyptian, European, Greek and Etruscan art, Asian art, African and pre Columbian art, Oceanic art and Kress Study art. Most of this gallery’s fine art collection is used for the purpose of exhibitions and research studies.

Tag Art Gallery: The Tag art gallery is located in 237 5th Avenue North Nashville. This gallery remains open from 10 am to 5 pm from Tuesday through Saturday. The Tag art gallery was established in 2000. The reason behind its foundation was to educate the city of Nashville with unique works by regional, national and international artists.

Since its founding days the gallery has continued featuring contemporary paintings, drawings, photography, prints and sculpture works in various exhibitions. The gallery supports artworks of both established and emerging artists through its exhibitions. The works of artists like Erin Anfinson, Kate Barrere, Dan Bynum, Nick Butcher, Lyle Carbajal, Rik Catlow and many others are highlighted here.

Different Strokes Gallery: The Different Strokes art gallery is located in 2798 Bransford Avenue in Berry Hill, Nashville, Tennessee. This gallery remains open only on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. Most of the gallery collections are contemporary artworks. The ‘Different Strokes gallery’ has its sister concern by name of Paul C. Buff; both are locally owned and operated.

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