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New York is famous for its art museums and art galleries. These art galleries feature contemporary art, glass art, traditional fine art, paintings, prints, sculpture, photography and many other visual art forms. Some of the art galleries of New York are discussed as follows:

Aperture Foundation Gallery: The Aperture gallery is located in New York. This art gallery is a leading non-profit art gallery. The art gallery was found in 1952 by six different photographers working on people. They are Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Barbara Morgan and Minor White. Historian Beaumont Newhall and writer/curator Nancy Newhall also founded it. Keeping in view the taste and respect of the viewer’s knowledge and the artist’s vision, Aperture displays only the finest photographic images.

Ceres Gallery: The Ceres art gallery is located in New York, North America, United States. Ceres gallery devotionally provide visual context for local community by providing equal opportunity to all individuals for new explorations.

Clementine Art Gallery: The Clementine gallery is one among the very first galleries opened in western Chelsea in the year 1996. This art gallery was founded by Elizabeth Burke and Abby Messitte. The art gallery is entirely dedicated to give scope to emerging artists to show their talent and help them in developing their art careers, both nationally as well as internationally.

Bespoke Gallery: Bespoke Gallery is located in New York. It seeks to introduce growing artists to broader art community. It also helps those artists to come up who do not have any previous experience of presenting their work in any solo exhibition.

Foley Gallery: Foley gallery was opened in 2004 by Michael Foley. Before opening this art gallery Foley had worked with some significant photographic gallery like Fraenkel Gallery, Howard Greenberg Gallery and Yancey Richardson Gallery. One important aspect of this gallery is that it speciates in representing contemporary artists, especially those who excel in painting, photography, sculpture and paper works.

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