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Pablo Picasso was born in Spain. He gave birth to the new visual art forms, Cubism and modern art. Picasso’s first art attraction was towards cubism but he also portrayed several other styles like realism and caricature, representing the Blue period and the Rose period. The works of blue period were done all in blue describing a somber mood. The psychology behind this was Picasso’s dear friend Casagemas suicide. The blue period dated from 1901 to 1904. The Rose period dates back to 1905 to 1906. In this phase Picasso started working on canvas bringing a beige or rose tone on canvas. Picasso was a multi talented artist. All the early works by Picasso are kept in a small ‘Museo de Picasso’, Barcelona which is entirely devoted to Picasso’s early works, including strikingly realistic interpretations of ancient sculpture casts.

Some commercial art galleries dedicated to the works of Pablo Picasso, are as follows:

Agnew’s Gallery: The Agnew’s art gallery is one of the chief international art galleries in world. The gallery deals with the old Master paintings, British paintings, watercolors and Original Master Prints especially the French impressionist and Post impressionist artists are also represented by the Agnew’s. The gallery also focuses on the works of contemporary artists.

Pace Wildenstein: The Pace Wildenstein gallery is located in three different places in Chelsea on 57th Street, West 25th Street and West 22nd Street.

The gallery represents the works of some of the greatest artists from the 20th century. The gallery represents Sketchbooks of Picasso, Grids, and Dubuffet de Kooning.

Fanatique Art Antiques: The Fanatique is an online art gallery. The gallery focuses on items for sale. The gallery provides nice old paintings by some renowned artists, old to modern furniture range and also various old decorative pieces like vases, sculptures and lightings.

La Artier Fine Art: The La Artier Fine Art is an art gallery which specializes in western fine art works beginning from15th to the 21st Century, including paintings of Old Master, Victorian, Impressionist, Surrealist and Modern British. The gallery comprises along with other great artists works of Pablo Picasso too beginning from 1896 to 1973.

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